Saturday, January 29, 2011

Creative Chemistry

3) Everyday objects that we see can really be VESPR structures! You will be surprised!

  • Linear: dumbbell

  • Bent: Corner Couch

  • Trigonal Pyramidal: Earrings

  • Trigonal Planar: Pizza

  • Tetrahedral: Tripod

4) Just in case you crave chemistry, here's a list of some edible covalent compounds that will most likely satisfy your appetite!
  1. Water
    • dihydrogen monoxide
    • Molecular Formula: H2O
    • Empirical Formula: H2O
    • Water is used for hydration and should be consumed every day! 
  2. Dextrose
    • hexacarbon dodecahydrogen hexoxide 
    • Molecular Formula: C6H12O6
    • Empirical Formula: CH2O
    • Pixie sticks and Smarties candies
  3. Ethanol
    • dicarbon hexahydride monoxide
    • Molecular Formula: C2H5OH
    • Empirical Formula:  C2H6O
    • Known as ethyl alcohol and is commonly used in most alcoholic beverages
  4. Carbon Dioxide
    • carbon dioxide
    • Molecular Formula:CO2
    • Empirical Formula: CO2
    • Commonly found in carbonated drinks, i.e. Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Coke, etc. 
  5. Sulfer Dioxide
    • sulfur dioxide
    • Molecular formula: SO2
    • Empirical formula: SO2
    • Commonly used as a preservative for many dried fruits

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  1. I Love this! It really helped me with my homework! Thank you so much!